Monday, June 21, 2010

Crochet By Numbers ! It's hard to
believe these aren't paintings!

As I promised, I found and am posting a wonderful helpful website and maybe it's a creative form of crochet you haven't even thought about and didn't know it existed.  But you really need to check it out to see this man's beautiful works of art.  They look more like paintings!
Crochet by Numbers

I am working on a project called tapestry crochet and I'll post that link, too.  This project is a little basket/box container with a row of cats around the base.  I'd like to do more but think my husband would kill me if I brought home more yarn.  That's why I have some for sale on Ebay.  Check it out, they're along the left side and that photo is old.  It really is me.  Tapestry Crochet is much like crocheting by numbers. 

 Lion Brand makes a mention of the website, Crochet by Numbers and there's a thread on the subject on Crochetville.  

Theree's also a blog about crocheting by numbers which has more of a physics slant.  Check this one out, too.  


Have you ever heard of Fibonacci?

Fibonacci numbers

You might find this science very interesting.  If you see the Lorenz Manifold, it's something I crocheted and posted awhile ago.  I just couldn't get it to shape up correctly so it was trashed.

More next time.

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