Monday, September 26, 2011

Killing that Yarn! Have a Heart, Red Heart that Is.

Killing your acrylic yarn isn't something bad or new.  You and Google it and find lots of information.

I decided to make something, see the pattern here, (this pattern is available on the Red Heart yarn website and the designers are the Double Stitch Twins) and thought I was using the correct yarn only to find out when I was all done, that I didn't use the correct yarn.  And if you've followed any of my other blogs, you know how much I love Red Heart yarns.  I'm old school, I guess, because when I see or hear Red Heart yarn in the materials list, I can only think of Super Saver or the 4 ply worsted yarns we're all so familiar with.

Red Heart is not just Super Saver yarn.  They have some amazing yarns that we all really should give a try.  After all, they are at a very reasonable price for such great quality.

Anyway, the pattern really intrigued me.  I am a Zumba Fitness instructor and am always looking for unique fitness wear that I can make myself.  Since you can't wear sweaters, vests, etc. to a fitness class, for obvious reasons, this pattern was right up my alley.

When I was all done, I couldn't figure out why it was this stiff sort of ugly "thing" and not at all like the picture. Then I read the materials list closer.  I was supposed to use Red Heart Soft yarn.  There's quite a big difference between Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Super Saver.  BUT, I remembered one time how I ruined a project when I tried to steam it and found out acrylic yarns don't take to well to steaming BUT I remember how soft it became and it's great to know that it stays that way no matter how much you wash it.  YEAH!!  

I love my memory sometimes!  Sometimes it's there for me when I need it.  I got out my ironing board and steam iron, a cotton dish cloth and a spray bottle of water.  Amazing!  It softened it nicely and now it's wearable.  Pictures to come shortly.  So I didn't return all the Red Heart Super Savor yarn I bought to make a couple more of these lucious, sexy tops to wear to Zumba Fitness classes and am now on my second project.

The one you'll find in the link turned out a little large for me so I did design my own.  The originally was a large circular design and I made mine a rectangle because I didn't like a lot hanging under my arm to get in the way of the Latin arm movements.  You what I mean?

Thanks for following my blog and I hope I've been helpful to many of you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cutting a Steek or Cabling Without a Cable Needle

Cutting a Steek or Cabling Without a Cable Needle

Cutting a steek or cabling without a cable needle are just two of the amazing helps you can find on this wonderful blog.

You'll find the information along the right side in that column.  Check out her patterns, free ones, too, and make sure you take a peek at some of the blogs listed in her blog roll.

Knitting to Stay Sane

Let me know what you think.  I'm interested in know what you'd like to see.

This is part of her "About Me" bio.

My name is Glenna, and I live near Toronto, Ontario. Having learned to knit as a child, I would say that I became a true “Knitter” more than six years ago while studying for my PhD, as a form of stress relief and distraction. I finished the PhD and kept on knitting anyway. I have since added knitting design and teaching to my repertoire, have been producing knitting patterns for self-publication and for independent yarn dyers for several years, have a yarn stash with a life of its own, and I am never without a project no matter where I am. In fact, I once cut a steek while riding a bus, and lived to tell the tale. I believe in challenging myself and knitting without fear. My patterns have been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, Knitty, Magknits, and online through Ravelry and Patternfish. I have designed for Tanis Fiber Arts, Indigodragonfly Yarns, The Sweet Sheep, and others.........

Friday, July 29, 2011

Knit Convertible Mittens

Knit yourself Convertible mittens.  Have you tried them yet?  Here's a wonderful video.

Convertible Mittens  It's on the All-free Knitting site.  The pattern is there, too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lion Brand "Help" Website

Wonderful Lion Brand "help" website.  Click to view this great website.

I love this website and I hope you find lots of helps there, too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pins Needles and Gems Etsy Store

Please make sure you check out my Etsy shop  HERE
for your pincushion, crochet jewelry and filet crochet pattern needs!

It's been too long since I've posted any creative helpful information so here I am to get started again.

Check out this!  If you need any help with designing, color, or the latest trends, this is your website!

Chelsea Rainbow

Jacqueline also has a beautiful Esty shop HERE

This is Jacqueline's profile on Etsy.  It's public so I don't think she'll mind my sharing it with you:

My name is Jacqueline. I’m a jeweler and the owner of ChelseaRainbow. I live in New York City, one of the most vibrant urban cities of the world and also the capital of fashion. You may not be able to afford a designer dress, but you can always find my fashion forward jewelry to update your own looks and my elegant home decor accessories to enhance your home. 

Trend forward stones and beads with bold colors inspire me, and I’m always thrilled to discover a new or unusual color palette. I create jewelry and home decor accessories that are accessible to both casual crafts enthusiasts and serious collectors. 

In the past I have had careers in pottery, graphic design and industrial design with a sidetrack into computer programming early on in my work history. Ever since I can remember, art in some shape or form has been my passion. I am a graduate of T.......YOU'LL HAVE TO GO TO HER SHOP TO READ MORE