Tuesday, April 9, 2013

42 Crochet Tips Tricks and Resources

This is a unique website called Snappy Living.

42 Crochet Tips Tricks and Resources

Balls of yarn

There are other craft tips on this website so don't forget to check around their site.  Stay awhile and really check things out.

AND don't forget to check out my patterns on my other blog

Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat

I will start putting some filet crochet patterns on my site as well.

Travel Crochet Kathy

Crochet Assist has found a site that can show you how to make a color change when you are crocheting.

Pica-Pau is an amigurumi crocheter and has many totally cute little animals she has created.  She IS a master at it.

So check out her website and learn how to change colors smoothly.

 This website is in Spanish so I hope you can use Google or another way to translate it for you.


Her website is called:  Pica Pau

Have fun looking around and seeing all her adorable creatures.

Traveling Crochet  Kathy