Monday, September 26, 2011

Killing that Yarn! Have a Heart, Red Heart that Is.

Killing your acrylic yarn isn't something bad or new.  You and Google it and find lots of information.

I decided to make something, see the pattern here, (this pattern is available on the Red Heart yarn website and the designers are the Double Stitch Twins) and thought I was using the correct yarn only to find out when I was all done, that I didn't use the correct yarn.  And if you've followed any of my other blogs, you know how much I love Red Heart yarns.  I'm old school, I guess, because when I see or hear Red Heart yarn in the materials list, I can only think of Super Saver or the 4 ply worsted yarns we're all so familiar with.

Red Heart is not just Super Saver yarn.  They have some amazing yarns that we all really should give a try.  After all, they are at a very reasonable price for such great quality.

Anyway, the pattern really intrigued me.  I am a Zumba Fitness instructor and am always looking for unique fitness wear that I can make myself.  Since you can't wear sweaters, vests, etc. to a fitness class, for obvious reasons, this pattern was right up my alley.

When I was all done, I couldn't figure out why it was this stiff sort of ugly "thing" and not at all like the picture. Then I read the materials list closer.  I was supposed to use Red Heart Soft yarn.  There's quite a big difference between Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Super Saver.  BUT, I remembered one time how I ruined a project when I tried to steam it and found out acrylic yarns don't take to well to steaming BUT I remember how soft it became and it's great to know that it stays that way no matter how much you wash it.  YEAH!!  

I love my memory sometimes!  Sometimes it's there for me when I need it.  I got out my ironing board and steam iron, a cotton dish cloth and a spray bottle of water.  Amazing!  It softened it nicely and now it's wearable.  Pictures to come shortly.  So I didn't return all the Red Heart Super Savor yarn I bought to make a couple more of these lucious, sexy tops to wear to Zumba Fitness classes and am now on my second project.

The one you'll find in the link turned out a little large for me so I did design my own.  The originally was a large circular design and I made mine a rectangle because I didn't like a lot hanging under my arm to get in the way of the Latin arm movements.  You what I mean?

Thanks for following my blog and I hope I've been helpful to many of you.

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